The Red Alliance Program 

Our members strongly subscribe to the use of artificial insemination, embryo transfer and outstanding herd sires in order to stay on the leading edge of economically relevant traits that enhance production of high quality Red Angus bulls and females for our customers. It is the same general philosophy employed by top breeder programs in the country.  We don’t profess to be smarter, better or more progressive than other top programs around the country, but we know that we provide genetics and performance that are equal to the best in the country. What we will tell you is that when you look beyond all of the hyperbole in advertising and take a look at what we provide you will see that our cattle are as good as anyone’s in the country.

Meet our team of professional Red Angus bull producers…. 

Riley and Marianne Malone

Pittman Red Angus
[email protected]>
Randy Pittman

RamBo Cattle Co LLC
John and Lynna Ramsey / Don Bolain
316-259-3637 / [email protected]  /  

RamBo Cattle Co is a cow/calf operation located in South Central Kansas. Their roots originated from a commercial cow/calf operation and have expanded into producing seed stock Red Angus cattle. In 2010 they turned their focus to registered Red Angus and took advantage of an opportunity to purchase an elite herd of Red Angus cattle with a proven track record and proven donors.  Their program is focused on use of embryo transfer and artificial insemination to produce high quality performance grade Red Angus cattle. 

Star G Ranch, Inc. / Kyle and Lisa Gilchrist
641-919-1077 / [email protected]

Kyle is one of the founding members of the Red Alliance and is well known for sale management and auctioneer services throughout the country in addition to being a premier producer of Red Angus cattle.  Kyle and his wife, Lisa, manage Star G Ranch and have been producing high performance Red Angus cattle since 1973. All Star G Ranch bulls are performance tested and marketed through the Red Alliance Auctions in Oklahoma & Texas. 

Steel Caps Cattle Company

Eric Durbin & Suzanne Appolito-Durbin  469-735-9528

[email protected]

Founded with and still relies heavily on proven genetics from Red Alliance member ranches combined with advanced reproductive techniques (AI, ET, IVF). They strive to produce animals with the performance and growth characteristics required for profitability in today’s commercial cattle markets. With ranches located in Howe and Van Alstyne, Texas they are located in the North Texas area.  For more information visit their website, or contact them at  214-287-6442 

Whisnand Red Angus Farm / Brian and Karen Whisnand
214-762-8541 /

[email protected]

Their goal is to produce superior quality Red Angus cattle for use by highly discriminating seed stock and commercial cattle producers.  They have raised Red Angus cattle since 1996.  They strive to produce the highest quality genetics by starting with a cow herd that has been built by cherry picking from the best herds around the country. In addition they use artificial insemination and embryo transfer extensively in order to take full advantage of the best in Red Angus genetics.  This operation has leveraged the high quality genetics offered through the Red Alliance program by purchasing top rated bulls to serve exclusively as their herd sires. 

Randy and Ronda Wickman / Dr. Terrance and Diana Wickman

[email protected]

[email protected]

Wickman Farms is a family owned operation located in Northeast Texas. They have raised registered Red Angus cattle since 1986.  This family is a long time progressive producer of superior quality Red Angus bulls and replacement females.  Wickman Farms contributes much of their success to being a strong subscriber to the high quality genetics offered through the Red Alliance program and consistently purchase top performing bulls to serve as their herd sires.  This dedication and commitment to the Red Alliance program has produced outstanding results that are shared with our customers.  One more example of a member making exclusive use of genetics produced by the Red Alliance program for use as their herd sires.


M5 Red Angus
Riley and Marianne Malone

M5’s top priority is breeding structurally sound – feed efficient Red Angus cattle.  They are utilizing elite genetics from highest quality seed stock available in the industry.  M5 Red Angus has established an extremely successful embryo program that will result in some of the best Red Angus genetics in the country available for commercial producers and seed stock breeders alike.  We are producing animals with well above average EPDs and those that are phenotypically correct.  Our efforts will insure an outstanding animal that will benefit hard-working ranchers and breeders.


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