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The Red Angus Association has developed a new index that will result in revised EPD’s from what was posted in our catalogs.  It is unfortunate but it is beyond our control.  We will post revised EPD’s in the sortable spread sheet very soon.  As always, if you have questions give us a call.

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Join us on October 21st for our Fall Production Sale
held in conjunction with the Texas Hereford Association!

Buy your Red Angus bulls born, raised and developed in Texas, by Texans.
Heat acclimated to our environment!

Sale is to be held on October 21st in Buffalo, Texas and Buffalo Livestock Marketing.
Sale begins at 12:00 with Hereford Bulls and Red Angus bulls to follow

Call 214-762-8541 for a catalog or to schedule a trip to our development center to view the bulls in advance of the sale.

Recently the Red Angus Association introduced a new index.  This change resulted in an updated calculation of EPD’s.  Therefore we have updated our sortable spreadsheet.  Download and click on the arrows at the top of any column to sort by that EPD.  All females related information is highlighted in pink.  In addition, we have highlighted in yellow all “within breed” EPD percentages that are in the top 25% of the breed.  We hope that you will find this information useful. 

Bulls Sortable Data

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Red Alliance Fall Sale!

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