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New information posted, commercial female sale order and additional bull information added.  Be sure to check out our sortable spread sheet for the bulls


Dear Valued Customers,

Due to the coronavirus we are changing our sale format from being held at a physical location to a “live” on line auction to be broadcast on www.CCI.Live  .  The date and time remains the same – April 7th at 12:00.  We urge you to log into their website, get registered and maybe watch a sale or two from now to the date of our sale in order to get comfortable with viewing an on line auction.  It is actually a really neat experience.  Please review our flyer provided below for more information.

Due to travel related restrictions imposed by various government agencies we can hold all cattle until mid-May.  Many of you will need bulls very soon and we can address those cases on an individual basis.  Open heifers (registered and commercial) can be exposed to calving ease bulls and held until they have been exposed for 45-60 depending on your preference.  We can and will be flexible as needed until we work through our current circumstances.

Bulls can be viewed at our development center in Sulphur Bluff, Texas.  Sulphur Bluff is located approximately 15 minutes north of Sulphur Springs, Texas.  We plan to meet and greet visitors at a safe social distance from each other on March 28th and April 4th based on requests.  A map will be provided here on the website very shortly.  Below you will find a sortable Excel spread sheet for your use in analyzing the bulls.  This group is heavy on functional soundness and growth traits but we also have a really nice selection of calving ease bulls.

Registered females and 40 commercial open heifers can be viewed in Leonard and Milford, Texas.  Another group of 20 commercial open heifers will be available in Schulenburg, Texas.  These tours can be scheduled by calling in advance to set a time.  For the Leonard, Texas location call Randy Wickman at 972-658-6523 and for the Milford, Texas location Riley Malone at 214-329-6044.

The sortable Excel spread sheet is simple to use.  After you open the spread sheet you might be prompted to click on “Enable Editing” at the top of the sheet.  After doing so you can click on the filter arrows at the top of each column in order to sort by that column.  You will be prompted to select “Smallest to Largest” or “Largest to Smallest” based on your preference.  If you have any questions feel free to call Brian at 214-762-8541.

All sales will have an airtight 100% sight unseen guarantee.  We stand firmly behind the integrity of our breeding program. We apologize for any inconvenience, but the health and safety of our customers is our number one priority.  Signing up at CCI is quick and simple!  Check it out and get registered well in advance of the sale.  Maybe watch an auction or two on their site before our sale to get comfortable with the format.  Look for the phrase – LiveOnLine, that is the format we will use.

God bless, be safe and pray for our country!

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