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The Red Alliance team is a group of Red Angus breeders that are among some of the best in the breed with a commitment to producing high quality genetics for commercial and seed stock producers alike. The cattle offered in our sales each year are carefully screened and scrutinized numerous times. Our team makes extensive use of artificial insemination and embryo transfer in order to stay on the cutting edge of genetics that our customers demand.

Our annual Spring sale is held on the second Saturday in March each year at the Heart of Oklahoma Exposition Center in Shawnee, Oklahoma.   Shawnee truly is in the heart of Oklahoma’s cattle country and America’s heartland.  We have expanded the Red Alliance program to include an annual Fall sale in Sulphur Springs, Texas.  Located in east Texas about 1 hour and 15 minutes east of Dallas.  The sale will be held on the first Monday in October  The amount of interest in this sale location has been absolutely outstanding.

Bulls – All bulls are developed utilizing a roughage based ration that allows each bull to express their growth potential. The performance test results are an important piece of information used by our Sale Manager, Kyle Gilchrist, but it is not the only selection criteria. We believe that Kyle applies the most stringent selection pressure of any bull sale manager in the country. Bulls placed on test annually are analyzed for the following.

* Conformation and structure – are they built right? If not they are culled.

* Growth data from the performance test. Average daily gain and weight per day of age are evaluated and scrutinized.

* EPD’s – Are they right for our buyers? We strive to offer consistency and yet enough variety that allows producers with different types of breeding programs to find what they are looking for.

* Ultrasound and carcass data – Each bull is analyzed via ultrasound. Measurements are taken for rib eye area (REA), Back fat and marbling (IMF).

* Scrotal Circumference

* Frame score- An important piece of information for our bull buyers.

* Disposition- If they don’t know how to behave like Red Angus bulls should they are disqualified from the sale.

* Fertility Testing – Every bull will be confirmed as being fertile before they walk into the sale ring.

* Health Examination – Every bull is examined by a vet and tested for disease as required by state regulations.   Each bull will have a negative BVD-PI test

Registered Females 

Our annual sale will have an excellent selection of registered
females. Whether you are looking for elite quality females or “the herd
building kind” we will have what you are looking for. Compare our
offering to any of the large Red Angus breeders production sales and you
will find that we offer high quality in whatever price range you are
looking. Many of these females will be AI sired.

Commercial “Pro Cow” Females 

We will offer a selection of replacement quality Red Angus influenced females each year at our annual sale. It is our intention to use this portion of the sale as an annual outlet for our bull buyers to place their heifers sired by Red Alliance bulls. This service will allow our bull buyers to maximize a return on their heifer calf crop. As the U.S. beef herd expands this will be an excellent source for buyers to locate these highly maternal cattle that offer everything a producer could want. Excellent milk production, marbling, reproduction efficiency and a gentle, easy keeping disposition…..all in one package!

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